Weekly Reflexivity Poll Results

Watching the votes come in over the week was interesting simply that in the small sample size I could see the various bull/bear camps vote when certain people would retweet my appeals to get people to vote. With a total vote count of 83 it’s rather to hard to divine any statistical meaningfulness other than how my limited following thinks about the subject matter.

I wonder if the lack of voting, given the push from some pretty high-profile traders, indicates a general lack of understanding of reflexivity or if people really don’t care. I assume that day traders are less inclined to think about market cycles than those with longer time frames.

There was also some mention of peoples’ dislike for George Soros. I assume that has to do with his politics – which is a rather silly logical fallacy as to the validity of the theory (not that I like much of Soros’ political thinking – but that’s another subject.) We’ll see if we can get better participation over the coming weeks.

Just as a reminder though, You need to vote every week in the new poll for a good baseline to be established. I’ll have a separate post up for that soon.

Still, as my friend Andrew Kassen pointed out:

Here are the numbers for what ever they’re worth.

mean = 3.75

median = 3.5

mode = 5


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And thanks for participating.

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